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Chester Chronicle Article

Dealing with the support that Craftwoods.co.uk has had from the Rural Enterprise Gateway ("REG"), support for which we are very grateful as it has allowed us to develop this website and buy our own bandsaw.

We can help to put you in touch with organisations offering grants towards the purchase of timber conversion machinery.

Cheshire life Yule Log

A story about a Yew tree that was sadly and avoidably lost through development. It's all the more poignant when you consider that this particular tree might be 500 years old and comes from a place that was knocked down by Henry the VIII around 1510.

One Mulberry Tree 

This article is about the amusing history of Mulberry in this country.

Royal patronage and the active support of the Aristocracy were all well and good, but a fatal flaw in the plan was to damn the silk industry in this country, to history.

Timber Sales 

The funny thing about recycling is that it is addictive. I suppose it's the hoarding instinct but once you start to see the value locked in the waste products from tree surgery, it is hard to ignore the potential commercial advantages that effective recycling can bring to any Tree Surgery business...